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A Hat for Every Head

Today we offer a selection of wool Irish caps for ladies and gents.  But would you believe the wool flat cap has been around since the 14th century? The fact that we are still wearing and coveting Irish wool caps speaks to the fact that they are not only warm and functional.

  We choose our caps from the two leading weavers in Ireland. Hanna caps have been carefully handmade in Donegal since 1924. Using only the finest Donegal tweed the third gerneration of the Hanna family still carry on the age old tradition of bespoke tailoring.

   Also chosen for their superior caps are Mucross Weavers who hail from Killarney and have been carefully weaving quality caps and scarves for over 30 years. Their elegant ladies headwear line is top notch and a true fashion statement.

Flat caps are recognized by their round body and flat bill. Known by many names now and over the years. Flats caps are also called a cabbie cap, gatsby cap, longshoreman's cap,  scally cap, ivy cap, duffer cap, duckbill cap, driving cap, newsboy cap, sixpence, or a paddy cap.

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