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claddagh necklace
Celtic Wave Claddagh Jewelry

Celtic Wave Claddagh Jewelry

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Two silver strands form a graceful circlet of seven perfect waves. The hands holding the golden crowned heart in the center form the powerful eighth and ninth waves. ShanOre has designed a piece that stands out in its simplicity and perfection. The pendant is small enough not to be ostentatious. But with its graceful design, combined with the silver and gold, it says quality. 

The Symbols

The heart speaks of love; the beat of life. The crown speaks of loyalty. It also symbolizes being anointed; made holy. The hands speak of active giving. Thus the friendship and love are holy, and should be treated with reverence.

For aeons, the number seven has been symbolic of infinity, thus we have the infinite waves of the ocean. Still, if we count the wave-like curve of the hands, there are nine waves. Sailors have long claimed that the ninth wave is the most powerful: the one to be dreaded at the onset of a storm. This dates from the days when tall masted sailing ships followed the trade winds across the ocean. It takes skill and courage to ride the ninth wave, as any surf-boarder will tell you.

Nine waves, if we count the waves formed by the hands in this pendant, circle the golden heart. Nine is three times three, and that in itself is fraught with meaning. From the early middle ages, three times three always tripled the power of a spell. This pendant, with its gold heart, crowned with the power of holiness, symbolizes the love a man gives to the woman he cares for most of all. 

For You

Traditionally, on the day of the daughter's wedding, her mother would give her the Claddagh ring that her mother had given to her on her own wedding. It speaks of participating in the line of life, from mother to daughter, down through the ages. It speaks of the love a man has for his wife, and it speaks of the power of a woman to embrace that love and cherish it.