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Claddagh Silver Stone Set Ring

Claddagh Silver Stone Set Ring

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Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring with intricately sculpted detail. Encircled by Cubic Zirconia shines a brilliant Emerald Green Cubic Zirconia Heart. 

The Claddagh Ring is rich in Celtic Culture. There are varying tales of origin regarding the first Claddagh Ring, although all Claddagh imagery features two joining hands for friendship, a Crown for Loyalty and a Heart to symbolize Love. Lore of the ring extends to the fashion in which the Ring is worn, also. Married or engaged individuals wear the ring on their left hand. If the Crown points away from the person wearing it, thus pointing away from the heart, it means the wearer is taken. A person can display it on the right hand with the Crown facing outward to indicate they are looking for love, and wear it with the crown facing towards the heart, inward, if they have no interest in seeking love. The Green of this beautiful jewel is suggestive of the Emerald Isle. The striking Green color is a nod to nature, growth and the personal gain of wealth in life, love and happiness. 

Gift this to your sweetheart as a promise ring or wear it to showcase your Irish culture and pride. Whatever your personal reason for displaying this lovely piece on your hand it is a bold statement ring sure to strike a little green in the eyes of those who lay their gaze on it.