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Celtic Knot pendant
Intricate Celtic Knot Silver Design Jewelry

Intricate Celtic Knot Silver Design Jewelry

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The gorgeous Intricate Celtic Trinity Knot Silver Design and earrings will have people asking for a closer look, with its brilliant cubic zirconia encrusted Trinity knot that wraps its way through a heart fashioned out of sterling silver.

Love Symbols

Around the world there are many symbols that stand for Love, however none more so than the heart. The heart designates the giving of one?s entire self to another, and all the love the heart contains. The Trinity knot also represents love, in addition to the other promises made during wedding vows, including to honor and protect one another. Together these two powerful symbols serve as reminders of the lasting love two people share.

Special Love

The beauty and symbolism of the Intricate Celtic Knot Silver Design Pendant is the path to showing just how strong your love truly is. As an anniversary gift, it speaks volumes by restating just how meaningful your love for her and vows are, and how impactful they continue to be. The delicate shape of the necklace will look smashing when worn with an drop neck or open neckline.