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Claddagh pendant

Silver Claddagh Green CZ Stone Set Necklace

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Conceived in sterling silver, this pendant brings attention back to the original details of the Claddagh symbol that made it such a distinctive piece of craftsmanship hundreds of years ago. Decorative CZs surround the center heart, a delicate emerald-like stone. The cuffs and the crown feature intricate etchings that give these elements a flourish. 

The Significance of the Claddagh 

Centuries ago, the Romans would wear fede rings, or faith rings, to announce their fidelity to another person. These rings were identified by the design of two clasped hands. The hands of the Claddagh symbol salute this meaning by representing friendship. A heart adds the concept of love, and a crown on top of the heart touts loyalty. The Claddagh ring serves as Ireland's traditional wedding ring, and in other places across the world, indicates an individuals relationship status. When one wears the bottom of the heart pointed inward, he or she has found someone to love. When one wears the bottom of the heart pointed outward, he or she is searching for a partner.